Boxercise Classes

I have been teaching Boxercise now for almost 20 years, and I teach it because I believe that is still the best exercise class to do. Boxercise is an exercise class based on the training concerts of Boxing training. My classes contain a combination of Aerobics, Pad work, Circuit Training and Core work etc. My classes are aimed at Men and Women of all ages and Fitness standards. No class involves the physical hitting of an opponent, it is a fun, challenging and safe workout. When you start attending my classes, firstly I will go over all the basics with you, Footwork, Straight Punches, Hooks, Movement etc. Once you know this, and I am happy with you’re progress, then I will start teaching you some Boxing combinations. Each month we work through about 3-5 combinations. These are recorded at class and are regularly posted on my Facebook and You tube pages, to help you learn the combinations outside the classes. The combinations help keep the classes challenging as well as enjoyable. It is at this point that you will start as feeling the full benefits of my coaching. . The age range at my classes tends to be 18-55. When you attend the classes, you will be treated as a complete beginner and I will take you to one side and go over all the basics with you, as well as helping you feel comfortable.

What you can achieve at my Boxercise Classes:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle Tone
  • Confidence
  • New Friends and New social Network
  • Fitness
  • Basic Self Defence skills
  • Improved general wellbeing
  • Release aggression
  • Increase your discipline
  • Improvement in energy and concentration

pam“Since attending Paul’s Boxercise classes, my confidence has grown. The classes have completely changed my life. I have NEVER committed to any exercise programme before Paul’s classes”

Pam, Aug 15

helen_testimonial_home“Before I started working with the Liverpool personal trainer, I’d been going to various gyms around Liverpool and not really achieving anything. I’d always liked martial arts training and a friend recommended Paul” [read more]

joy_testimonial_home“In only 4 weeks of attending Paul’s Boxercise classes, I lost 8lbs. I feel more toned and confident and feel fitter and more motivated. Paul is friendly and professional and a great motivator” [read more]

Current Boxercise Class Times & Locations


6:15pm and 7:30pm

6:15pm and 7:45pm


Monday’s & Wednesday’s classes held at St Mary’s Church Hall, St Mary’s road, Garston L19 0NE [Map]

Tuesday’s Classes held at Topaz Dance Studio, Heald Street, Garston Village [Map]

Saturday’s class held at Aigburth Cricket Club, Aigburth Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L19 3QF [Map]

When you start attending my Boxercise classes, you will start off by having a Free Week of Classes. THIS HAS TO BE PRE BOOKED. The reason for this is that my classes are always bordering on full capacity. Also, please wear something that you are comfortable in and bring a drink.

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