Boxing Classes ( Women Only – 6 Week Body Transformation program 1 )

The Boxing classes ( formerly Boxercise classes ) are part of my Women Only Body Transformation program. Here’s whats included in the 6 week course:

1. Up to 36 Women Only Boxing sessions
2. 2 Free sessions on the Women Only weight training course
3. 2 Diet plans. The first one, which has a great track record amongst the Women that attend, and who have attended the program, which focuses on eating regularly, slightly increasing Protein, Water intake, taking Carbohydrates at the right times and taking a supplement. If you follow this to the word, you have the potential to lose a couple of lbs a week. The second one is more personalised, based on the calories you need to take in, in order to help you achieve your goal. This is a 3 day diet plan. You will need to take your weight and then pass it to me, for me to be able to put this plan together
4. Free Training video. This will contain all the major teaching points what we follow in class, as well as some of the major Boxing combinations that we follow.
5. Free Training handout. This will contain all the major teaching points that we follow in class, as well as points on how to use the focus pads
6. Free phone call during the period, just in case you require any help or coaching with anything
7. Invitation to join our ‘Strictly Boxing’ Facebook page, where you will have access to: A video which is pinned to the top of the page, explaining how to get the most from the program. Home workouts, Cook Books, Smoothie packs, Cheat recipes ( which get loaded up weekly ), Questions and Answers file ( to help support you ) and Weekly training videos ( which will be taken from a class during the week, so show you what we’re currently working on ). And finally, I will upload an ‘Accountability form every Friday’, so you can let me know were you’re up to and if you need any help with anything

The main goal of the program, is to help Women feel more confident again in a particular area. The cost of this 6 week program is £150. If you would like to get started immediately, please click on the following link, to apply to join the program:

If you would like to have a Free Week trial on the program, please go to the front page of this website, and leave your email address in the box. When you have done this, please go to the bottom of this page and fill in the application form for the Free Week trial

Why Boxing Training ( formally Boxercise )
I have been teaching studio Boxing classes, or Boxercise for more than 20 years now. In my opinion, it is still the best class to do, as it helps you lose weight, tone muscle groups, reduce stress levels, boost confidence etc. The list could go on. My classes contain a combination of Aerobics/ HIIT, Pad work ( the main component of my classes ), Circuit Training and Core work. These classes are specifically for Women, who want to get fitter, slimmer and to start feeling more confident again. No class involves the physical hitting of an opponent, and it is a fun, challenging and safe workout. When you start attending these classes, firstly, I will go over all the basics with you, Footwork, Punches, How to hold the pads etc. I will forward on a training video to you and give you a handout, to help support during the first couple of weeks of attending. Once you are familiar with the basic movements, I will then start teaching you some of the Boxing combinations. Its here that you will begin to feel the full benefits of the class. Boxing Combinations are loaded up pretty regularly, to my ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’ Facebook page and my ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’ You tube page. to help you view the combinations outside of class. The combinations help keep the classes challenging as well as enjoyable, and make my Boxing or Boxercise classes, different to anywhere else.
The classes/ Programs, mainly focus on Women aged between 35 and 55. Women a bit younger or older than that age range, can still apply to attend. We already have a couple of Women who are aged just outside the age range.
I can provide Boxing training, Pad Work, Martial arts style training to Men, but does is done through Personal Training

What you can achieve at my Boxercise Classes:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle Tone
  • Confidence
  • New Friends and New social Network
  • Fitness
  • Basic Self Defence skills
  • Improved general wellbeing
  • Release aggression
  • Increase your discipline
  • Improvement in energy and concentration

pam“Since attending Paul’s Boxercise classes, my confidence has grown. The classes have completely changed my life. I have NEVER committed to any exercise programme before Paul’s classes”

Pam, Aug 15

helen_testimonial_home“Before I started working with the Liverpool personal trainer, I’d been going to various gyms around Liverpool and not really achieving anything. I’d always liked martial arts training and a friend recommended Paul” [read more]

joy_testimonial_home“In only 4 weeks of attending Paul’s Boxercise classes, I lost 8lbs. I feel more toned and confident and feel fitter and more motivated. Paul is friendly and professional and a great motivator” [read more]

Current Boxercise Class Times & Locations


6:30am, 6:30pm ( Kickboxing class and also including alternative striking )

6:30pm and 7:40pm



Monday’s & Wednesday’s classes held at Liverpool Personal Trainer, Training studio, Mercer street, Garston L19 2NR [Map]

Tuesday’s Classes held at Liverpool Personal Trainer, Training studio, Mercer street, Garston L19 2NR [Map]

Saturday’s class held at Liverpool Personal Trainer, Training studio, Mercer street, Garston L19 2NR [Map]

*PLEASE NOTE: The Free Week Trial has to be Pre Booked. Please wear something that you are comfortable in and bring a drink. Also, please wear appropriate footwear. All equipment is provided. The application form below has to be filled in, before you do the free week trial

Fill out my online form.
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