Losing 2 months

Losing 2 months

This week, we enter the final 2 months of the year

It’s comes up so quickly doesn’t it

Once September has finished, that’s it, Christmas starts becoming our focus

As a coach, it’s a frustrating time for me

Over the years, quite a number of people have developed this attitude of

“Awww sod it, its almost the end of the year now. I may as well wait till January now to lose weight”. Or whatever

It frustrates me so much

People are actually prepared to give up 2 months of the year, and totally dismiss how they want to end it

It’s crazy

For me, there’s still time to achieve things

If you really get your ass going, you could still drop a dress size before Christmas

Read more books and educate yourself in a particular area

Get some new experiences

Learn how to cook healthy meals etc etc

So much can be achieved in this time

I’ve set myself a goal of attending all my martial arts classes between now and Christmas

Have you set yourself any goals? If so, what are they?

Paul ‘life coach’ Coshott #liverpool #personaltrainerliverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer

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Last Weekend….

Last Weekend…

IHey there…

Hope you’re well?

Last weekend, we had our annual training weekend away,

On Saturday morning, we had a bike ride along Lake Vrnwy, which was absolutely gorgeous. Lunch time we had our lunch in the Hotel, overlooking the lake, and then we did a walk to a water fall

On Sunday, we participated in the ‘Lake Vrnwy Challenge’, which consisted of canoeing, raft building, swing bridge building and then another canoe journey.

All in all, a brilliant weekend, and everyone loved it. It was the fourth one I’ve done now, and they seem to just get better and better each time, and the people who attend them, get a lot out of them as well

Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking…….

Next Year –

Due to the success of the residential weekends, I have decided to put 3-4 of them on next year, every quarter after the weight training program

i.e. Monday 7th of January, New 12 week, Total Body Transformation program starts. After the 12 weeks, we have 1 week break. During the one week break, that’s when we will have the training weekend away

The weekend away will become part of the 12 week Total Body Transformation program, therefore, I have something in place, to help challenge people more mentally, which in turn, will help them break down negative beliefs about themselves etc

Throughout the year, I will possibly use a different location, so that we are doing something different each time

The first weekend away next year, will hopefully be Friday 5th April – Sunday 7th April

I can only fit in 10 people at a time on each weekend

In November, I will have a special offer on, if people are interested in paying for 12 months of training ( including the weekend away and other bits ) upfront, and getting almost 50% discount on their training fees. The deadline to sign up for this will be November 30th

In the meantime, check out the video above, to get an idea of what we got upto last weekend

As usual, hit me up if you have any questions or issues

Paul ‘planning ahead’ Coshott

PS – The doors close on my current 6 week body transformation program, next Wednesday – if you’re interested in joining 🙂 #liverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer #personaltrainerliverpool

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Choking in my sleep

The other night, I had quite a stressful moment

I was choking pretty badly in my sleep

In fact, it was that bad, I was struggling to get my breath. I thought I would have had to stumble out in the road and get help

Luckily, after a few moments, I began to get a bit more breath, and then after about 5-10 minutes, my breathing was kind of back to normal

I think this has happened maybe once a year, for the past few years, but this was the worst episode and the worst

Probably the main reason for this, is because I eat late at night. Only because I finish work late, and I’ve always done this

The other night, i cooked a curry, and finished it about 10.30. I then went to bed about 12

Personally, I think that’s plenty of time for the meal to digest, but sometimes, I feel that the meal can lie on my stomach for a while and my body takes time to digest it

Anyhoo, I spent a bit of time and I looked it up, and there were suggestions that I might suffer from GERD, which is also know as acid reflux

Do you suffer, or have you suffered with acid reflux before?

Certainly, as I’ve got older, it seems to have come about

So if you suffer from it or are concerned about it, here’s some tips. Try avoiding the following foods, especially late at night:

*Citrus Fruits

*Chocolate ( don’t know how I’ll do that of a Saturday night ?)

*Sugary drinks and Caffeine

*Fatty and Fried foods

*Garlic and Onions ( probably the culprit for me )

*Mint Flavourings

*Spicy foods

*Tomato based foods, spaghetti, chilli, and pizza

The most frequently reported symptoms of GERD ( or acid reflux ) are:


Acid regurgitation

Inflammation of the gums

Erosion of the enamel of the teeth

Bad breath


Chronic sore throat

These lifestyle modifications should help minimize reflux:

Avoid lying down after a large meal ( probably why I was choking ??‍♂️)

Eat smaller meals and maintain an upright, relaxed posture

Avoid fats, onions, chocolate and alcohol

Avoid potassium supplements

Always swallow medication in the upright position and wash it down with lots of water

Hope the tips help


PS – I am having an ‘Open Week’ at my classes next week. If you would like to come along for a Free Week trial, please let me know asap, as places are limited #liverpool #personaltrainerliverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer

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How do you see yourself?

How do you see yourself?

Lately, I’ve been reading a book called ‘physco cybernetics’

It’s written by a plastic surgeon,

How it came about, was that he began to wonder why he was making physical changes to people, and a lot of them, still seen themselves as being ugly, or had issues and didn’t feel any more confident etc

I’ve read similar books over the years, and to me, they all talk about the same message, but use a different approach

And the message is this, how we view or see ourselves, is what we get

For example, if you see yourself as a failure, circumstances or situations will appear, in order to support that belief.

If you see yourself as strong, successful, and confident, then again, avenues will open up, in order to support that belief

All of us have transmitter within our brain. What this does, is to help us get to where we want or need to be

What this transmitter does, is to pick up information, on something that we want, or need to do, for example, if you decided that you wanted to buy a red mini, all of a sudden, you would notice other people, driving around in red minis.

Have you ever been in this kind of situation? It can happen with a bit of clothing or anything else

So how does all this help you?

Firstly, you need to visualise yourself, on where you want to be or what you want to do. You need to do this often and for a period. Personally, I don’t do this often enough.

Once you have done that, and you are doing that often, your transmitter will kick in, and direct you and bring circumstances towards you, in order to help you get to where you want to be or what you want

Give it a go and let me know what you think

Paul 🙂

PS – Check out the video,and I’ll explain how this stuff works

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Retreat Weekend Away

Retreat Weekend away

Retreat weekend away,  Weekend, 19 – 21 October, Lake Vyrnwy, North Wales.                                                 Only 3 places left

Hey there,

In a few weeks time, we are having our annual ‘Retreat weekend away’, in Lake Vyrnwy, North Wales

Lake Vyrnwy is a beautiful location, South of North Wales (if that makes sense), and is famous for providing Merseyside with its water. We will be staying at ‘Bunkhouse Heaven’, Foel Ortho, just outside Lake Vyrnwy, which is great accommodation for us.

We will be arriving at the residence, early Friday evening, and will spend the night having our tea in the local pub and having a few drinks.

On Saturday morning, we will try and do our usual 10 am Boxing session, before heading down to the lake. When we arrive at the lake, we will have a quick snack, before then going on a bike ride around the lake. This can take about 1 – 2 hours. My advice here is just take you’re time, as it is very picturesque.

After this, we can then head up to the Lake Vyrnwy hotel for a late lunch, before heading back to base. In the evening, we will relax using the

hot tub, having a barbeue and possibly being entertained by the owners of ‘Bunkhouse

Heaven’ ( bothmuscians – see video above ).

On Sunday, we will participate in the main event, the ‘Lake Vrnwy team challenge’. This will consist of Kayaking, Raft building, Swing bridge building etc, and we will be working against the clock. This event can take between 2 – 3 hours, and can be physically challenging. We will finish in the afternoon and the head home.

The cost of the weekend is £160.00 which will cover your training, activities, insurance and accommodation etc. The deadline to register for the weekend is Friday 21st  September. To book a place, a deposit of £40 is required asap.

“Thank you for organising a fabulous, fun filled weekend Paul. I had a fantastic time, very much both mentally and physically challenging but felt good being pushed out of my comfort zone.” Jemma, July 15

The residential training weekend at Foel Ortho is truly fantastic, It’s in a gorgeous location and you will be spending the time with like minded people. The activities of the weekend will invigorate you and you will also build new bonds with people on the course If you are interested in attending the weekend, or you would like some further information, then please contact me asap.

#liverpool #personaltrainerliverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer #women #bodytransformation

Paul ‘Bear Grylls’ Coshott

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Dropping carbs or calories?

I still hear of people not eating carbs to lose weight

Last year, I held a couple of seminars about nutrition. During these seminars, I went over the importance of carbohydrates and why and when we need them in our diet.

Firstly, with regards to changing our body shape, we need to focus on measurements, rather than weight loss.

When we suddenly drop our daily calorie intake ( eliminate carbs from our diet ), our Metabolism slows right down

Initially, we can lose weight by doing this, but it’s not good

We start to breakdown muscle for energy,  and this is something we definitely  do not want ( as muscle is more metabolically active than fat )

Remember, all the activities that we do require energy. Even walking or breathing requires energy. The main source of energy required for our daily requirements is glucose. Glucose is taken from the starches and sugars that we eat.

Starches and sugars get broken down to simple sugar with the help of insulin during the process of digestion. The sugar then gets stored in muscles, liver or other parts of the body. Any excess sugar will be stored as fat later on

Proper selection of carbs can really contribute towards weight loss

For me the best times to take in high GI carbohydrates are first thing of a morning and after you have trained ( if you are currently following an exercising program )

This is when your insulin receptors will be more sensitive towards building muscle glycogen ( energy ) rather than stored fat

Taking in high GI carbs, outside these windows, can contribute towards an increase in body fat %

High GI carbohydrates include white bread, potatoes, white rice, sugary snacks

For the rest of the day, you will then try and have low GI or fibrous carbohydrates.

These include oats, vegetables, fruit etc

By following this approach, you will have the required energy needed for your daily activities.

You will also have the required energy stores to participate in an exercise session, and therefore, getting the most from that session, and helping to build muscle tone and reduce body fat %

Remember, a sudden drop in calories isn’t good, and will contribute towards your body fat % going up, which certainly doesn’t  look attractive

Paul 🙂


#personaltrainerliverpool #liverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer #women #fatloss #bodytransformation

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Sitting on the couch after work?

Are you having a sedentary lifestyle?

If so, check out this video interview I did with one of my clients, Emma

Emma had been getting in from work, sitting on the couch, and not doing any exercise

After seeing my training videos on Instagram, she decided to pop along and check them out

“Within the first couple of weeks of attending, I’ve made friends, got fitter, feel more confident and lost weight”

Click on the link to see the full interview

Paul 🙂

Liverpool Personal Trainer

#personaltrainerliverpool #liverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer #personaltrainer

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Woman faints in class

Yesterday morning, I was at my usual martial arts class

Mid way through the session, one of the women ( a higher grade than me ), fainted

I didn’t pay much attention to it, and just carried on training ( she was getting looked after by another instructor )


I know this woman struggles, especially when she comes up against someone like me ( a much higher fitness level )

And, the main handicap she has, is her weight

She’s quite a lot over weight

I don’t really know much about her lifestyle, or if she has any issues, but if I was to help her, or give her any advice, then I’d be wanting to know about her current lifestyle.

Thing is, spring is approaching, and the days will start getting warmer

So she’s going to struggle, if her weight stays the same

Getting out of breath, getting hot and sweaty, wearing baggy clothes

And once Summer comes,  she won’t have the energy to be able to take her kids out, or keep up with them

Does this sound like you?

If so, and you need help, click on the link below, and fill out the short application form:

Women Only Application Thanks

Paul ‘first aider’ Coshott

#personalliverpoolpersonal #liverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer

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Can I help you?

Tomorrow night, after the Boxercise session, I will be doing another ‘goal setting’ seminar

This time, we will be checking in with our 90 day action plans, explaining why we focus more on measurements rather than weight loss, why we/ you, should be doing weight training, and also, I’m going to show you a little exercise that helps you set goals that hold value to you

So often, people chase materialistic goals, and once they are achieved, no fulfilment has been experienced

It’s important that we pursue goals, that will nourish us, and contribute towards other areas of our lives

I’m going to show you how to do this, tomorrow night

The seminar will start 7.40pm and will be held at St Mary’s Church Hall, St Mary’s road, Garston L19

If you would like to attend, please let me know, asap as spaces are limited

Paul ‘action planner’ Coshott

PS – if setting goals and trying to improve your life isn’t your thing

You can always ‘unsubscribe’ from these messages. Just hit the link below

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Friendships are made

It’s amazing how many friendships come about from my sessions.

In fact, I’m actually quite proud of it

Reason this happens, is that I target a particular age group, with things in common, and therefore it’s easy to build rapport with each other

Which contributes towards the overall feeling of attending my sessions and the atmosphere

Clever hey

It’s not like attending any other session, where you might be jumping up and down doing star jumps, with a load of strangers,

All of a mixed age,

All of a different gender,

With nothing in common

So when I see people sharing videos on social media, of classes they know of or have been to, I’m not phased at all.

There’s a reason why I’ve lasted 22 years in business as a PT

It’s all about results and building rapport with people

Cool hey

Paul ‘friendship maker’ Coshott

PS – If getting out of the house, meeting people and making new friends isn’t your thing

and your happy to sit in and watch your life tick by, that’s cool

its probably best to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of this message

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