Current Class Times

Kids Class, 4.30pm Little Samurai’s ( 3 – 4 yr olds ), 5 – 6pm ( 4yrs + ), 6 – 6.40pm ( 12yrs + ), Tuesday: 5 – 6.15pm ( 4yrs + )

Kids Class, 4.30pm Little Samurai’s ( 3 – 4 yr olds ), 5 – 6pm ( 4yrs + ), 6 – 6.40pm ( 12 yrs + )

Kids Class, 5 – 6.15pm ( 4yrs + )

Kids Class, 9am Kids studio Boxing classes ( A Kids boxing class, which will mainly focus on using focus pads and going over all the major teaching points for using them )

All classes at my new studio, Mercer street, Garston L19 2NR [Map]

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Ju Jitsu for beginners

I’m never surprised when someone tells me theyre interested in learning Ju Jitsu. It’s one of the most interesting and diverse martial art styles there is.

Unlike other styles of martial arts such as karate or judo, you’re not restricted to learning just how to punch, kick or throw with Ju Jitsu.

Ju Jitsu involves all kinds of techniques from punching and kicking to joint locks, throws and ground work and of course learning how to handle a variety of weapons.

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5 reasons why you’ll want to attend these sessions:

  • Improve fitness levels
  • Lose weight and tone up muscles
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Learn the art of self

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Ju Jitsu for adults

The Ju Jitsu technique is unique as it lets you use your opponents weight against them, allowning you to have the confidence to defend yourself.

Developed in japan, Ju Jitsu is a form of martial art designed to defeat an opponent without the use of a weapon. The name translates as ‘flexible art’ which reflects its empasis on manipulating an opponents force against them (as opposed to using ones own force).

The adult ju jitsu class covers the following:

  • Ju Jitsu
  • Self defence
  • Fitness
  • Pad work
  • Kicking drills