Personal Training

I will visit your home or a suitable venue and train you personally on a one to one basis at a mutually convenient time. I’m mobile and operate anywhere in the Merseyside and Wirral area.

A FREE consultation is offered in which I can come out and introduce myself to you and show you my portfolio. This contains all my qualifications, references from other clients and work I have done for the media. I feel that it is important that you know about my background before we go ahead with anything. Once I have done this I’m then able to have a chat with yourself about what you want to achieve as well as taking in any other information that I need to know (pregnant, injuries etc.) if it is ok with yourself I will then take your weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage etc, just to see where we are at.

If you then decide to go ahead with training then I only suggest you train once a week providing you do everything I tell you to do then there is no reason why you shouldn’t achieve your goals. If you wish to train more than this then that is fine providing the availability is there.

Your first few sessions will be well within the bounds of your ability. Then after getting to know you better I will keep a training log, a written record of everything we do. It includes the exercises performed, how difficult the workout was and any unusual occurrences including injuries.

I can train you at your home or place of work and all equipment is provided. Each session will last 1to1 and one half hours. If you wish to train with a friend or partner each session will last about 90 minutes. If there is anything that you don’t want to do then we can work around this.

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