Woman faints in class

Yesterday morning, I was at my usual martial arts class

Mid way through the session, one of the women ( a higher grade than me ), fainted

I didn’t pay much attention to it, and just carried on training ( she was getting looked after by another instructor )


I know this woman struggles, especially when she comes up against someone like me ( a much higher fitness level )

And, the main handicap she has, is her weight

She’s quite a lot over weight

I don’t really know much about her lifestyle, or if she has any issues, but if I was to help her, or give her any advice, then I’d be wanting to know about her current lifestyle.

Thing is, spring is approaching, and the days will start getting warmer

So she’s going to struggle, if her weight stays the same

Getting out of breath, getting hot and sweaty, wearing baggy clothes

And once Summer comes,  she won’t have the energy to be able to take her kids out, or keep up with them

Does this sound like you?

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Paul ‘first aider’ Coshott

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