1 place left – lose 6lbs in 6 weeks

Sorry to send this message so late
I’m looking for 1 more woman now, to join my ‘6lbs weight loss in 6 weeks’ challenge, which starts this week.
I’m looking for someone who is serious about losing the weight, and someone who will put in the effort and listen to the advice I have to give  
Someone who will turn up to the sessions and who really wants to make a change 
The cost of the program is £150, and it will finish on Thursday 22nd December. So by Christmas, you will be feeling slimmer, fitter, stronger and more confident. Here’s what the program includes: 
1. All Boxercise sessions, between now and Thursday 22nd December 

2. Attend 1 weight training session a week, to help you start building muscle tone and to start changing the shape of your body. 

3. Follow the diet plan I give out in class. It works and is proven 

4. Attend 1 coaching and mentoring session between now and Christmas, to help keep you on track 

5. Work with an accountability partner from class, to help you stay on track

6. Join my private group on myfitnesspal, so I can keep an eye on what you are eating 
This will be a program you’ll be glad you joined, and everyone who attends my sessions is very supportive 

“I wasn’t doing any exercise, was eating pizza and wanted to do something different”

Check out the video connected to this message, and find out what one of my clients, Sarah, achieved through attending my ‘Women only’ weight training sessions in 6 weeks

“I’m a lot stronger now and can see the change in my body shape”
So remember, I’m just looking for 1 more person now who is serious about getting results, to join my program
If that person is you, then please get in touch before the next session tomorrow

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Paul 🙂