1 week training for £10. Book today only

What are you upto next week? ( that’s if you are not already attending my classes ) 
Seeing as though everyone is doing a ‘Black Friday’ deal, I thought I would do one. So here it is:
£10 for 1 week of Boxercise classes

Yep, that’s right ( I’m going against my code of ethics here ). This will include sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. 
Potentially losing 2-4lbs

If you attend maybe 3 sessions at the least, then you have the potential to lose between 2-4lbs within the week ( providing you have been good with your food ) 
There are only 6 places available for this offer
Terms and Conditions 

1. Must be booked before 5pm today 

2. Text me your conformation, I will forward on my bank details, and you will need to do a bank transfer of payment 

3. You must not have attended any of the sessions this month

4. The week for £10 must be completed by Monday 5th of December 
2017 – Applying to join the programs

As of next year, if anyone is interested in joining my programs, they will have to apply. There will be an application form on my websites, that the potential client will have to fill in, in order for me to check out their commitment. I’m only looking for people who are really serious about making positive changes to their lives, and who are committed to following through with their ambitions 
2017 – No more Free Week of Classes. 

It is also likely that I wont be doing or offering any ‘Free Weeks’ of classes anymore, as the application process will be in place. 
If you have been thinking about joining my classes for a while, or making a comeback, this might be the best opportunity for a while 

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Paul 🙂