12 week Fatloss program

On Monday 3rd October, I am starting a New ’12 Week Fatloss Program’, which will finish just in time for Christmas – results guaranteed
This program will contain all Boxercise and Weight Training classes, which will help you build muscle tone and drop body fat, within the 12 week period. 
What the course includes:

1. 22 Weight Training sessions ( sometimes there will be a bonus sessions on of a Saturday )

2. 36 Boxercise sessions ( sometimes there will be bonus sessions on of a Sunday morning )

3. 10 day diet and detox plan ( you’ll lose 6-9lbs from this in the 10 days, guranteed )

4. Maintenance diet plan ( follow it to the word, and you will lose 1lb of fat a week ).

5. Join my accountability group on ‘my fitnesspal’, so I can keep an eye on you 
Cost of course and availability 

The cost of the course is £300 and I only have 4 spaces available. This will also include the detox supplement package, which has to be taken during the 10 day program.
Deadline to register

The deadline to register for the course is Friday 23rd September. After this, and if there is still availability, the course will go up to £450 
“During the weight training program, I could feel myself getting stronger, and as a result, I could feel my body shape beginning to change for the better”. Sarah

Check out the video interview I did with one of my clients, Sarah, who was now been attending my weight training course for almost 12 months now. Her body shape has now dramatically changed since she first started
Feeling tired, out of breath, bloated, can’t fit into your old clothes, don’t want to face those ‘Yummy Mummy’s on the school run? etc

If you are suffering from any of the above, then get in touch with me today and get enrolled on the course. I even offer a money back guarantee ( never gave anyone their money back by the way, cos everyone gets results )
Hope to see you on the course #personaltrainerliverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer #boxerciseliverpool
Paul 🙂