12 weeks till Christmas 

Can you believe it, it’s actually only 12 weeks till Christmas ( well, after this coming week ) 
Not a date I really focus on
However, this time of the year is very important 
Any day now, were actually down to the last 90 days of the year
This is a pretty quick period, and before you know it, Christmas is upon us and we’re being invited to parties and nights out etc 
So, what do you want to actually achieve in the last quarter of the year? 
Weight loss?

Improve fitness? 

Wear better clothes, tighter clothes, or your old clothes? 

Get your blood pressure down? 

Earn more money?

Leave a relationship, start a new relationship? 

Want more confidence etc etc 
This week, really is the week to start putting a plan into place 
FREE 2 WEEK GUINEA PIG TRIAL: ( weight training. Worth £105 ) 

Want to learn how to use weights, become stronger, lose some inches?

From tomorrow onwards, I am offering just 2 spaces for a 2 week Free guinea pig trial. The sessions take place at Proflex Gym, wood street, Garston village, l19 2lu. Monday 10am, 8pm, Wednesday 10am, Thursday 6,7,8pm and Friday morning 10am. 

The new weights program starts on Monday 3rd October, and this will be the last 12 week course of the year 
Boxecise Christmas Party:

This will take place on Friday 6th December, at the Devonshire house hotel, edge lane. We had last years Christmas party there, and we had such a good time, so we’ve decided to book the same place. We need to collect deposits asap. It’s £55 p/p which includes Chinese buffet, free alcohol and entertainment 
I’m free today if you want to give me a ring about anything 
Paul 🙂