[3 Places left] Free Week of Classes

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday so far
Just a quick note to let you know that this week, I am giving away 4 Free spaces for my Weight Training and Boxercise classes. 
I don’t do this as regularly now as I used to, as the classes are always bordering on full capacity 
I’m not fit enough. I feel over weight, bloated and depressed

Do you tell yourself this? Or maybe other people tell you it?

Words can be very harmful and can really magnify the feelings you have, at that moment. They can also be very motivating too. If things are so bad for you, you can be forced into a ‘Flight or Fight’ situation. Recently at the classes, a woman has joined, who was in a very difficult situation. This has forced her to take action, and she is using the situation to motivate her. She has set herself a goal of losing 2 stone before Christmas. 
“In 6 weeks I lost 6lbs. Also feeling fitter, stronger and can feel the difference in my clothes. I am also a lot more confident with using weights now” Jill

Check out the video connected to this email. It is an interview with one of my clients, Jill, who was attending the Boxercise and Weight Training

program, last year. Jill instantly felt the benefit of the programs, as she lost 6lbs in 6 weeks and could feel the difference in her clothes.  
Accountability is key

The people who get the best results through training with me, are the ones who constantly stay in touch with me and let me know what they have and haven’t been doing. If you have been attending my classes, then please let me know what you have been upto, especially if you are serious about losing weight or toning up over the next few weeks. Being held responsible is the key
3 Places available

I only have 3 places available now for the free week of classes this week. This will be the last time I’ll be offering a free week of classes possibly until next year. Here is a break down of the classes:

Tomorrow 6.15pm Boxercise. 8-9pm Weight Training 

Tuesday 6.15pm Boxercise. 7.30pm Kickboxing

Wednesday 6.15pm Boxercise

Thursday 6-7,7-8,8-9pm Weight Training 

Saturday 10-11am Boxercise

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Paul 🙂