44 and bloated

Hope you had a nice easter

I’ll admit, I did have some Easter egg, post breakfast yesterday

And I did have some Easter egg on Saturday night

But that’s it from me now. I do like chocolate, but I always get to a point where I’ve had enough of it

Personally, over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that my stomach is a bit bloated

I always have a bit of chocolate and a few beers, of a Saturday night

But I think lately, it’s beginning to take its toll, and I need to address it

I’m going on holiday in 12 weeks ( Vegas ) and I really knuckle down on my diet

If your in the same position as I am ( holidays coming up ), before we go on some kind of diet or detox

We must first look at what we’re already eating

So, to begin with, the first thing that we can try and eliminate from our diet is sugar

Usually, I’ll have a pre workout drink before I go the gym

I then might have a protein bar, and one or two protein drinks throughout the day

Add to it my chocolate bar on a Saturday night,

And my sugar intake is probably too high throughout the week, which contributes towards weight gain

How is your daily sugar intake?

Sugar can be found in cereals, fizzy drinks, table sauces, fruit juices, spreads etc

One client even told me last week, that every now and again she has a scoop of Nutella

So, my tip for you today is, be weary about your sugar intake

Check food boxes, jars, cans, wrappers etc

I’ll be totally cutting back on my sugar intake from now, leading up to my holiday

Paul ‘beach body’ coshott

PS – If you’re happy feeling bloated, and totally don’t care about your appearance

Or whether you have no energy to keep up with your children this summer, then that’s cool

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