5 Eggs-cellent ways of staying healthy this Easter 

One of the things I look forward at Easter, is Easter Eggs ( love them ). I also love hot cross buns too. 
So, I’ll definitely be having couple of each, over the next few days. However, so I don’t get too fat over the next few days ( and I hope you don’t either haha ), here’s some tips that I hope will help us have a healthy Easter: 
1. Try and eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate:

Dark chocolate is a powerful source of Antioxidants and can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure
2. Hot cross buns:

While I hope you’ll be staying active over the holiday, if you are having any hot cross buns, my advice would be to have them first thing of a morning, or after you have worked out. Hot cross buns can be high in Carbohydrates and Sugars, so early morning or after a training session, would be the best time to have them, or maybe before a training session 
3. Stay Active:

As we are inclined to eat more Chocolate and other things over the holiday, it is vital that we stay active, so we don’t put on any excess calories 
4. Celebrate in small doses

Most of us will also be inclined to have a couple of drinks ( alcohol ) over the holiday ( and I’ll be having some too ). If this is the case, then try and space your alcohol intake out, over the next few days, rather than all in one night. An excess intake of alcohol can lead to a fat and sugar binge the next day 
5. Eat Fish

Today, we should be having fish as out main protein source. I’ve not been having that much fish recently, as I’ve mostly been having chicken and a bit of red meat. In fact, most people will probably get their protein requirements from these foods. However, fish has a lot of benefits. It can be rich in omega fats ( good fats help burn bad fats ), lower in saturated fats and high in protein  
Remember – Boxercise classes on tomorrow and Monday as normal, and weight training session on, on Monday as normal 
Have a great Easter 

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Paul 🙂