7x more likely to lose weight 

Did you know that weight watches have recently added in this. ‘7x more likely to lose weight being in a group’, in their marketing material?
The reason for this, is that you are more likely to follow through with your actions, in a group, rather than being on your own. You also have more options on being held accountable, than being on your own, as you will meet other people in the group

So, the advantage that I have over weight watches, is that I have ‘women only’ training programs, that work. I have been in business for almost 21 years now, as a PT and have trained hundreds of women, just like you. I am also a qualified NLP pratitioner and Life coach, so I am able to help you achieve the right mindset, which in turn will help you achieve your goals. Meaning, you’re on a sure thing when you train with me
This year we’re going to start being more brutal, and it starts this Saturday. I am going to do a Free seminar on goal setting and diet, which I hope will put you on the right path. I am going to help you put a 90 day plan of action together. this will be broken down into 60 days and 30 days. Remember that old saying, ‘Failing to plan, is planning to fail’. Once we have done that, then I’m going to tell you about the new diet plan I am going to implement this year. You will also be working with a partner, so you are being held accountable  
“In 4 weeks I lost 7lbs and 6 inches from around my body” Katy, Nov 16.

Check out the video connected to this message. Its with one of my clients, Katy, who attends my Boxercise and Weight Training sessions. Katy started attending the coaching sessions last year, and as a result, achieved a lot more in a short period. 
Remember, Saturday

Boxercise at 10am and then the seminar at 11am, Liverpool Cricket Club, Aigburth road
Hope to see you there
Paul 🙂