9lbs lost in 4 weeks

Are you currently getting in from work

sitting on the couch

eating junk food

and generally just putting on weight?

If so, check out this interview I did with one of my clients, Emma

for about 6 months, Emma was doing this, after she got in from work each day

having watched my videos for a while,

she decided to come and check out my classes, and booked in for a free trial week

“during the free week trial, I felt welcome. All the women were very supportive. I decided that I wanted to pursue this further”

Emma then signed up to one of the programs

“In 4 weeks, I’ve lost 9lbs. I feel so much better. Its made me feel really good. I’ve also made new friends”

“Obviously the weight loss is really good, but mentally feeling better is the main thing”

Click on the link for the full interview

Paul ‘therapist’ Coshott

PS – I hardly ever offer free week trials now. If this is something that you wanted to do, you’d have to let me know, asap

PPS – As from Friday 30th March, its possible that I will be no longer offering a 6 week body transformation course, as all programs are almost full