A very important announcement

I think its safe to say that you love attending my Boxercise sessions ( and if your not attending, why not, haha )
And hopefully, its no secret that I love teaching it.
Despite all of the fun we have…..
And despite all of the Amazing results that everyone gets….
I keep getting asked the same old question: 
“Do you offer private coaching”.
To which my answer these days is “No”
However, due to tones of emails recently, 
I’ve decided to run an ‘experiment’
From today onwards
I’m going to offer private 1 to 1 coaching, 
But only for a short time, 
And only for one person ( It’s all I’ve got time for right now ) 
If you’ve already enquired about private coaching in the past…..
Or, if its something that you want in the near future,
then please contact me, and I’ll give you more information 
Paul ‘in demand’ Coshott


PS – If you’re wondering how much this private coaching is going to cost 
It Wont be cheap 
So if ‘cost’ is going to be the deciding factor in your decision, 
You might wanna sit this one out
But don’t worry…..
I’ll still be around teaching my sessions