A winning weekend

How was your weekend?

Did you put a bet on the National at all?

I did

I was running late in the day, and wasn’t able to get to a bookmakers, so I ended up using an online account that i used to use

I was trying to put a bet on, and for some reason, it wasn’t going through

I was starting to panic, and continuing trying

In the end, I ended up betting a lot more than I intended, £55 ?

I couldn’t believe it

I ended up losing £50, as the horses I betted on, didn’t come in


With only £5 now in my betting account, I decided to have a little flutter on the football yesterday, as try and win some of it back

First match was Newcastle at home to Arsenal

I betted the £5 for them to win, and they won, and I won £13

I then betted £10 for West Brom to beat Man Utd at Old Trafford, and they did, and I won £146

Cool hey

So I’m now up by £91

The moral of the story being ( and I’ve said this a few times )

I took a chance

I gambled

And this is something we need to do, in all areas of our lives

You see

If you don’t try,

Nothing will happen

And you’ll continue doing the same thing, and getting the same result, in a particular area of your life

Today is the start of a new week

What areas of your life do you need to gamble in, or take a chance, for things to change?

Paul ‘life coach’ Coshott

PS – This week is the second week of our pre summer training program. If you would like to join, this is the last week you can start

After this week, the next program starts in July