Anti Trump protesters didn’t even vote

I’m sure your well aware of what’s been going on in America lately, since Donald Trump became president. 
What caught some of my interest yesterday, was this article, were most of the people of who have been demonstrating, didn’t even vote
Here’s the link to the articleā€¦/more-than-half-of-arrested-aā€¦/351964445
Thing is, they didn’t do anything about it ( vote ), yet, complain and protest about the result 
Sometimes I can get this

Sometimes, and it very rarely happens, if hardly ever, someone somewhere will say that they are not getting anything from my sessions. They don’t turn up to them. They don’t do their homework ( having a active lifestyle outside of class ). They continue to eat crap. They don’t let me know what they have and haven’t been doing and talk to me etc and then complain, or go and tell someone else that the program doesn’t work and complin about the result 
How it works

If you are serious about losing weight, and wanting to make some great changes in your lifestyle, while becoming more confident again, then here’s some tips to follow, that will definitely help you:

1. Turn up to the sessions, as many as you can 

2. Stay in touch with me. Let me know what you have and haven’t been doing, so you are being held accountable 

3. Do your homework outside of class, ie have an active lifestyle. Arrange to meet up with other women from the class and go for walks etc 

4. Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated and eat healthy meals regularly
If you do all this, then I promise you, you will drop a dress size in no time 
Its no good complaining about any result, if at first you’ve not done anything about it
Here if you need me 
Paul šŸ™‚