Are you avoiding social events?

Are you avoiding Social Events? 
The reason I ask this, is that its something I specialise in
You see, so many women contact me, wanting to lose weight and regain their confidence. So many of them haven’t attended a social event in ages, because they are over weight and fear bumping into someone they know
I hear it all the time
Which is why more and more women are getting in touch with me now, wanting to join my Boxercise and Weight Training program, because it works. 
And, your training with women who have been in the same situation as yourself 
Last Tuesdays class

Check out the video connected to this message. Its one of the things we did in last Tuesdays Boxercise session. Hitting pads can be great, but mixing it up with some self defence moves and with different strikes, can be even better. Hence, why the women who attend my classes, feel great, and start socialising again 
Check it out and let me know what you think
Paul 🙂