Are you new to my classes?

If you have just joined my Boxercise program, your probably getting an idea now of how the classes are ran and that the back bone of the classes are Boxing combinations. 
By learning the Boxing combinations, they will constantly challenge you, while working ever muscle group in the body and helping you burn up to 20 calories per minute ( based on what the average client loses in weight ). 
There are about 100 combinations to learn, but don’y worry, you won’t learn them all at once, haha
Combinations 1,2,3 

In the video connected to this message, it demonstrates the first 3 combinations, that we use in class. 

These are the basic combinations that I will teach you, when you start attending the classes. Once you are familiar with the moves and have built up a good foundation, then I will teach you more advanced combinations. Please check out the video, to help you with your development 
Feeling stuck and need help?

If you are feeling stuck or just generally hit a plateau, then please get in touch with me, asap. I only have 2 places left now in the Boxercise and Weight Training sessions. 

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Hope the video helps
Paul šŸ™‚