Are you too hard on yourself? 

For about the past 20 months now, I have been doing Brazillian Jiu JItsu ( basically Ju Jitsu on the ground). 
Its very technical and difficult to learn, and certainly takes a lot of perseverance ( one of my mentors advised that I start learning it )
It certainly is a hard martial art to do, and can have so many ups and downs 
The real test is when you start rolling ( or ground sparing ). From my experience, this can be totally deflating and de moralising. 
I get chocked out and tapped out all the time. In fact, there’s been times when I’ve asked myself, why am I doing it. The feeling is totally deflating ( especially haven gained so much already in martial arts )
But recently, I’ve taken a new approach to it. I’ve reminded myself how far I’ve come with it, and as a result I’ve enjoyed it more. 
Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been to other clubs, and trained with some brazillian dudes. I’ve been chocked out and tapped out every time, but I now remind myself how far I’ve come. 
Sometimes, when we are faced with something that we can’t do, we quickly go into a negative state, “I cant do this. I’m not strong enough. I’m only small. This just isn’t working. I’m just totally shit at this”
Do you do this? Maybe you are too hard on yourself?
When this happens, sometimes we have to take a sidestep and remind ourselves of how far we have come, and what we were like at the start of our new challenge 
If we can do this, then it will ignite our motivation again and help us kick on 
Maybe it is something to bear in mind over the coming days/ weeks? 

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Paul 🙂