Beers in Class

It’s been rumoured, that some of the women, pass each other bottles of beer and other things, behind my back in the classes

Can you believe that?

But it’s true ( they think I don’t know )

Then what one or two of them will do, is take a picture of themselves having a beer ( on a school night after the class ), and send it to one of the other women in the group

I turn a blind eye to this ( I wouldn’t waste my time telling them off )

But, a lot of the women find it funny, which in turn, contributes towards the great atmosphere we have in the sessions

All the women have a great rapport with each other, and the fun and camaraderie, play a big part in the success of the program

In fact, it’s possibly the main reason why women sign up to the program in the first place

If you’d like to be a part of it, fill out the short application form on the following link, to apply to join the program:

Paul ‘sergeant’ Coshott

PS – The doors will close again at the end of the month, so be quick