Being Accountable 

With regards to achieving goals, one of the main things you need is accountability 
Being accountable is being responsible for a required movement, related to something or someone else 
When you’re personally accountable, you stop assigning blame on people and making excuses. Instead, you take the fall when your choices cause problems 
My own Accountability 

Even I have a accountability towards some of the things I want to achieve:
1. I work with a coach, and report to him every now and again, and let him know what is and isn’t being achieved 

2. I’m working towards my next dan in Ju Jitsu. I let the federation know when I am doing this and report to training every week. Even when I don’t make it, I still touch base with them 

3. I’m doing my Black Sash in Kung Fu, later on this year. I report to training each week and penciled in the exam 

4. Have a private lesson in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu once a week. I probably wouldn’t do it, if I was just going to a class

5. About to hire a nutritionist, to get my diet better
You will achieve far more things, if you are accountable to someone else, guaranteed. When I started working with my coach, 9 months ago, I achieved 75% of my first ’90 day’ outcome plan 
Being Accountable – Tips.

Before you work with someone, here’s some tips that can help you start being accountable towards your goals:
1. Tell the truth – Everybody messes up sometimes. Lying about it or trying to cover it up makes it worse. 
2. Police yourself – Are you accountable for your actions even if nobody holds you accountable – or nobody catches you? Yes you are, so be your own ‘accountability cop’ and police yourself 
3. Look to yourself – When trouble arises, look first to yourself. Ask 4 specific questions, “what is the problem”, “What am I doing/ not doing”, “what can I do differently to help solve the problem” and “how will I be accountable for the result”
Hope the tips help 
Paul 🙂