Benefits of chocolate for women

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Happy Easter.

Hope your treating yourself to some chocolate today? ( I am, and I did last night, hehe )

And if you do, its not a bad thing

A couple of years ago now, I attended a nutrition seminar with a guy named Charles Poloquin, one of the top strength coaches in America. One of the things he said was,  was that women can get a different feeling from eating Chocolate than men. In fact, because of the chemicals that Chocolate contains it can really contribute towards women having more orgasms ( or stronger ones )

Since then, whenever I have come across a female client who is eating a lot of chocolate, ( thinking about her losing weight ), I have always suggested she use a cheese grater with the chocolate, therefore, if you are putting chocolate against a cheese grater, it will give the person the same feelings, and the pieces of chocolate will be smaller ( unless you want bigger pieces for different reasons, haha )

Anyway, here’s some other benefits of eating Chocolate today:

1. Its good for the heart and circulation

This is mainly related  to dark chocolate, which can help restore flexibility to arteries

2. It can help lower the risk of a stroke

3. Its mineral rich

Contains potassium and zinc

4.  It can lower cholesterol

Due to cocoa

5. Its good for skin

Flavonols can help protect your skin against sun damage

Whatever you are doing today, I hope you have a great day

Paul ‘chocoholic’ Coshott

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