Cameron Diaz lifts weights

I take you know who Cameron Diaz is? ( she’s a hollywood actress, in case you don’t know )

I first came across her in the movie, ‘the mask’ with Jim Carrey

Don’t think she’s ever been in my top 5 favourite looking women, however, she’s still a gorgeous looking woman

These days, she’s approaching 46 years of age now, and she still looks fantastic

but here’s the interesting thing….

She puts her youthful looks down to weight training

and not only that

with heavy weights and fewer reps ( something that I teach. These days, a handbag is about 5kgs in weight )

Diaz apparently does weights 4 times a week

and she does all the major exercises ( again, what I teach )

Squats, bent over rows, pull downs, bench press etc

Shes’s not the only one who swears by weight training

Megan Fox, Khloe Kardashian, Kate Upton, Gal Gadot, Gwen Stefani, and plenty more women, all put their sexy physiques down to doing heavy weights

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