Do you ever eat out alone?

Do you ever eat alone? I do, at least once a week 

I do enjoy cooking, but sometimes I just want a break from the cleaning up.

I also like to try different meals from different countries and get some new ideas 

However, going to a new place on your own and sitting on your own, can be a bit daunting. You’re confidence can even be challenged asking the waitress about the menu or even walking upto the bar and ordering a drink 

Have you ever experienced this? 

Confidence is probably the one thing that we want more of, in all areas of our lives. 

Thing is, the confidence won’t come until you are doing the challenge . People tend to want the confidence first, before they do the challenge, and this doesn’t work 

Imagine learning to ski. All the confidence is at the bottom of the mountain, once you have skied down it, not at the top

Is confidence something you want more of? 

It’s something I try and teach in my Women only training programs 

If you are interested in becoming more confident this Summer, while getting fitter and losing some weight, then please hit me up on the contact details below 

Having extra confidence can certainly give you a new lease of life 

* “I feel a lot more comfortable now” Kathy. Check out the video interview connected to this message 

Paul 🙂