Do you ever feel not good enough?

The other night, one of the parents from my Kids Ju Jitsu class, gave me quite a lot of money to train their children for the next couple of months
Although I should be used to this, for the next couple of hours after I received it, I felt uncomfortable
“I feel bad taking that. Am I really good enough and worthy of the money. I hope I’ve not caused them any stress, etc etc”
All kinds was going through my head. 
I then had to take a bit of time out, and say to myself, “hang on a minute, I am worth it. I train those kids, I give them life coaching, I show them how to work towards goals etc”
Thing is, when we get closer to a goal, we can feel uncomfortable, and feel unworthy of what we desire
I see this quite often when I train people. For example, someone may join the class, with a desire of losing 5 stone, over a period. They’ll lose 2 stone, and then say to themselves, “Awww I’m ok here. No need for me to lose more weight. My clothes feel better. Its not what I want, but I feel better”
The comfort zone has been stretched, but not to where we want to be. We deny ourselves of our true dream
I’ve been in this position loads of times. Not approaching women who I wanted to ask out, because I didn’t feel good enough. Not going after things, or charging the money I desire, because I didn’t feel good enough. 
It’s like having a ball and chain around your ankle. 
Have you ever felt like this? Maybe you achieve something, and then frightened to get to the next level? 
If you do feel like this, then please let me help you
On Saturday, after the Boxercise session, I will be holding another seminar which is part of my ’90 day action plan’, where myself and some of the women from my classes, will be meeting up, and trying to put some goals in place for the next 30 days, while discussing our obstacles. 
This year can be an amazing year for me, and I’m determined to totally get rid of my ball and chain, and in the process, help you get rid of yours ( if you have one ) 
The seminar will start at 11am after the Boxercise session and will take place at Liverpool Cricket Club, Aigburth road

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Hope to see you this week 
Paul 🙂