Do you visualise yourself achieving your goals?

Hope this message finds you well?
Here is a link to my latest video which I have now uploaded to my You Tube Channel, Liverpool Personal Trainer, Do You Visualise Yourself Achieving Your Goals? This has been something that I have gone over with clients over the past few weeks. Visualisation is just as important as setting the goal itself. 
Have you ever bought something, and then noticed other people order prednisone online with that thing (s)?

Have you set any goals this year or maybe for the coming weeks? It’s important that you visualise yourself achieving these goals, and you need to do this often. As your doing it, you’ll start sending messages to the brain on what is going to happen over the coming period. When your brain knows what it wants and why you want it, then you will start taking in information that is relevant to that goal or outcome. 

Hence, why I ask the question, have you ever bought something and then noticed other people with that thing (s)
You also need to think about the impact that achievement is going to have on you and your life, and the people around you. If it’s losing weight, imagine how different your life is going to be and the more confidence you will have. What will you be doing, with more confidence and more energy?

Start visualising, and getting excited about what you are going to achieve over the coming period. Hope this helps