Does stress get to you?

On Friday, I had the most stressful day I’d had for a while

I broke down again in my car, which was the 3rd time this year

I couldn’t believe it. I was sick about it

The worst thing about it though, was that it happened on the Wirral, and I had to leave the car there

Not only that, I’d also received an email in the morning, from a supplement company threatening to sue me, re an old article I’d written

( that’s sorted now )

All in all, a very stressful day. I couldn’t think straight at all

I felt sick all night

Do you ever get like this in a situation?

If so, then here’s some tips that i hope will help you the next time you feel like this ( and it’s what I used )

1 Give yourself some time on your own and try and relax. This is the main thing. You have to try and get in control of your state, as soon as possible, otherwise, your mind will escalate, which may lead to over thinking. You have to try and focus on the here and now

2 If you do drink any caffeine, don’t have more of it during the situation. Again, it can contribute towards an increase in adrenaline, which will lead to feeling agitated and increase anxiety

3 Speak to someone

4 Go through all the options you have, to help improve the situation. You can do this when and if you speak to someone

5 Do some exercise, which will help take your mind off the situation and help you sleep ( as you would have used your build up of adrenaline )

Hope the tips help

Fingers crossed i get some good news about my car today

Paul ‘lucky’ Coshott

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