Drinking 1 litre of coke

Hope you had a great bank holiday 
On Sunday morning, I was recovering from having a boozy Saturday night out in Chester ( which was great ). Me and my mate went for something to eat along the canal and had a couple of soft drinks. 
I was really thirsty and decided to have a pint a coke ( which is highly unusual for me ). In fact I ended up ordering 2 pints of coke, thinking nothing of it. 
Anyway, just before we were about to leave the restaurant, my mate pointed out to me “do you realise you’ve just had a litre of coke”, I said that’s ok, was just thirsty and felt like it, but deep down, I was thinking to myself, “shit, he’s right. That’s a lot”. As I was driving home, it got me thinkin.
There’s 39 grams of sugar in a can of coke. Wow. That means I almost had 160 grams of sugar on Sunday morning. Not to mention all the other stuff it contains. 
Do you drink coke or diet coke?

Here’s a break down of what is in coke and why it is bad for you:
1. Bad teeth
Cavities occur when we consume too many sugary and acidic foods and drinks. Coke is no exception. It contains both and ruins the enamel. To fix the problem will cost you money. Dental work is never cheap. Of course, you can try and brush your teeth after drinking sodas, but the smarter choice is to avoid them and drink water instead.

2. Risk of diabetes
Carbs is another name for sugars. Most foods contain a lot of carbs. Pouring Coke on top will only make the problem worse. It takes only 20 minutes to increase your blood sugar. It’s extremely hard to treat diabetes hence we suggest you should stop drinking all brands of sodas, Coke included.

3. Poor metabolism
Do not trust commercials where you see famous sportsmen drinking Coke after a training session. You will keep piling up pounds merely by drinking Coke because sugary sodas slow down your metabolism and your body does not burn fat as efficiently. Drink plain water!
4. Aspartame affects inner organs
Aspartame is still being studied. It is known to cause a lot of diseases. It does not really matter which type of Coke you opt for – you are ruining your body anyways.
5. Coke affects fertility
Regular consumption of Coke might have a negative impact on your reproductive system. The chemicals that most fizzy drinks contain lead to defects in your organs that are responsible for reproduction. Avid Coke fans should bear this bad news in mind.
Haha, what will you drink, the next time you are hungover? I’ll definitely be going back to water

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Paul 🙂