Encore une fois

Last night. I held a FREE  training event…….

‘How to reclaim your life in 90 days’ seminar

You probably heard about it ( I have emailed you a couple of times over the past few days  )

If not,

You missed out

Or at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe…….

Based upon the feedback that I got ( Apparently, it was quite good )

However, like all LIVE events, it wasn’t without its problems…..

And it looks like quite a few people couldn’t were not able to make it in the end

( The number of available spots are ALWAYS limited on these things )

Unfortunately, because I never record my FREE seminars……

I don’t have a replay to share, either,

That’s the bad news.

The good news,

On SATURDAY, after the 10am Boxing session,  I’m gonna host the exact same seminar, all over again, for just 4 people

( An ‘encore’ if you will )

If you DID miss out on last night’s event…

Or you just want to sit through the entire thing again?

All you need to do, is send me a text on the following number:


And I’ll save you a seat ( I’m only doing this for 4 lucky people )

Paul ‘One more time’ Coshott

PS – If you DIDN’T attend last nights event….

And you have absolutely NO intention of attending Saturday morning’s  event

There’s probably NOT much point in you getting these emails

( unless of course, you’ve got a very good reason for NOT attending )

The unsubscribe link is below