Feeling Agitated?

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those fizzy energy drinks, that contains a lot of caffeine

I’m very sensitive to caffeine, so I hardly drink it

In fact, the only time I do drink it, is before a weight training session

Anyway, I had this drink. I enjoyed it at the time, but afterwards, i totally regretted it

After a while, I could feel the after effects of it. Not that I was full of energy, but I started feeling a bit short tempted and aggressive

Which then led to me feeling very agitated and my mind escalating

This can almost spiral out of control

A few years ago, i identified these effects from drinking energy drinks and pre workout drinks

It took me a while to recognise it was them

Thing is, these days, I notice so many people drinking these drinks, especially kids

They can be great before a workout, as caffeine is a good stimulant

But otherwise, can contribute towards someone’s wellbeing, in a negative way, especially when being over consumed

So, if you’re ever feeling agitated, short tempted with people, no patience, can’t sleep, suffering with palpitations etc

Then maybe you need to look at your caffeine intake, or what your actually drinking throughout the day

And if your consuming a lot of caffeine, then try and ween yourself off it, and start looking for alternatives

At first, there will be side effects, but after a while, you will feel better for it

Remember, being in control of your mental state, without any outside influences, is your first port of call, above anything else

Paul ‘caffeine free’ Coshott

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