Feeling nervous before class

A couple of weeks ago now, i paid a visit to one of my old martial arts clubs, ‘The Martial arts Studio’ ( tmas) in aintree. 

Although now I have a wealth of martial arts experience, I actually felt quite nervous approaching the gym. As if I was a complete beginner 

Have you ever felt like this, and is it something that stops you from attending classes? 

What I did 
With this nervousness building up, I had to take a couple of minutes in the car and really focus and visualise myself finishing the session. I did this for a couple of minutes. It helped calm me down. 
Once I got in and got started, I was fine, and had a really good session. 

For a moment though, I felt like a complete beginner. I’m sure there are loads of people who feel like this, and it really holds them back 

If this is you, then try the little exercise what I did, it will help 

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Paul 🙂