Feeling overwhelmed? 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? ( chunking down ) 

These days, I seem to be coming across a lot more people now, who feel overwhelmed, and I do myself sometimes. Too much to do, too little time to do it in. Technology has certainly contributed towards this. More and more people seem to be spending a lot more time in work related after activities than ever before ( emails, phone calls etc ). 

While becoming an NLP practitioner, one of the most powerful tools I learnt was chunking. In other words, breaking things down ( mentally ). Before we get overwhelmed or stressed out about the situation, we must try and spend a moment about the outcome we really want, and then break down the movements we need to take get there. It might be in a business, relationship situation, or you might be going through a workout or maybe sparring in a class. So here’s some tips that I hope will help you, if you are currently feeling overwhelmed 

What can you do now, that will help you to start moving forward. Maybe make a list. Really break it down into small steps. Maybe think of a role model. What would they do in the current situation 

Try and spend a moment throughout the week, regaining your focus. Maybe attend a yoga or meditation class. Its vital that you stay calm internally 

Question your assumptions. Too often, we do things, both professionally and personally, because we just assume that we have to. If you ever get yourself in this situation, ask yourself, “Does this really need to get done? What would happen if I didn’t do it?”

Get support from people. friends, family, colleagues. Rather than maybe firing out your difficulties, maybe ask them for advice on whats worked for them 

Say no – if you need to. Some people don’t set any boundaries for themselves, and end up taking on much more than they can accomplish
Hope the tips help. 
IMPORTANT – Boxercise Classes

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