Fortune favours the brave

Yesterday marked 100 years, since Women could first vote

The campaign was first started off by the ‘Suffragists’, a middle class group of women, who used peaceful tactics, to get their point across

If you do a search on google, you can see loads of images, of these groups of women campaigning for equal rights

Anyway, one of the sayings they liked to use during these campaigns was

‘Fortune favours the brave’

Quite a powerful mission statement. But its true

You see, things can only happen, if you are prepared to step out of a comfort zone, and do something about a situation

Add some persistence and determination with that, and you can go along way

Lately, with these sexual harassment things going on, women have certainly stepped up for equal rights

but these kind of women, are ones who’ll be stepping up in other areas of their lives

They’ll be determined, to improve those areas

They wont let procrastination take over

They’ll do what needs doing

My question to you is,

Are you an action taker?

Are you prepared to step up, like other women of today, and improve your current situation?

If so…..

I can help you get started tonight

I’m running a Free Seminar, 7.30pm, at St Mary’s Church Hall, St Mary’s road, Garston L19 0NE

‘How to reclaim your life in 90 days’

I’m going to give you the tools and the mindset, to help you get what you really desire, within that period

If you want to join me, please send me a text on the following number, and I’ll book you in:


Paul ‘braveheart’ Coshott

PS – This is the last free seminar or free event I’ll be doing in quite a while