FREE Guinea pig trial

Would you like to lose 2-3lbs by next weekend? 
Next week, I am running a FREE Guinea Pig trial, to 2 women who are serious about wanting to get fitter, slimmer and more confident this year. 
The purpose of the Free Guinea pig trial, is to prove again that if you attend at least a couple of sessions in the week, you can lose 2-3 lbs ( providing you do everything I tell you to do ) 
You must also agree to do a quick video interview with me, about the free week of sessions, and what you experienced while attending the classes. 
This trial is for next week only, starting Monday 20th January 
I am looking for 2 women who are serious about making changes to their lifestyles and will turn up to the sessions and take on board my advice  
“I was eating junk food, getting depressed and my health was suffering. I needed to do something”
“I couldn’t wait to sign up. I’ve really really enjoyed it. Best thing I’ve ever done. I feel so much healthier now and happier”
Check out the video connected to this message, to find out what Jeanette achieved through training with me within 8 weeks. Jeanette is still attending the sessions now and continues to make great progress
“It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done”
Deadline to register for the Free Week Guinea pig trail is this Sunday by the way 

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Paul 🙂