FREE Guinea Pig Trial

Fancy losing 2-3lbs this week and feeling more confident and fitter again?
This week I am running a Free Guinea Pig trial, just to confirm really what can be achieved in a week, at my Boxercise sessions. 
All you need to do is turn up for a couple of sessions and agree to do a quick video interview, at the end of the week
I am looking for someone who is committed towards changing their lifestyle for the better. Someone who is going to turn up to the sessions and give 100%
Someone who has totally had enough of wearing baggy clothes and avoiding social events, and wants to reclaim their life
The Guinea pig trial will start tonight and will finish next Monday, 6th February. If you do this, you will be entitled to attend all the sessions within that time frame. 
“I lost 7lbs and 6 inches in 4 weeks. I am totally addicted to your classes”
Still unsure about whether to join the class? 
If so, check out the video connected to this message. Katy had been going to a gym, and just wasn’t seeing results, so she got in touch with me. 
“I started seeing results. My confidence was growing”
The deadline to register for the Guinea Pig Trial is today, so if you are serious about turning your life around, then get in touch

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Paul šŸ™‚