FREE Guinea Pig Trial

                   Only 2 Places Available
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I am looking for 2 women to participate in a Free Guinea Pig Trial, starting Thursday 8th September. 
This will be a 4 week program and the session will take place at Proflex Gym, Wood Street, Garston, 8pm.  
You will follow a 4 week program, where we will follow a program, focussing on one body part, using weights and high repetitions, and seeing if there is a decrease in body fat % or size of worked area, after the 4 weeks. 
I am preferably looking for someone who has no, or very little experience, with using weights and is committed to following the program. The participant will have to be a member of my Boxercise classes or, will be a newcomer to my classes. The participant must also agree to doing a video interview, after the program. They will also follow a basic diet plan. 
I am only prepared to do this with 2 people. 
If you are interested in doing this, then please let me know, asap

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Paul 🙂