Free week trials: The End

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far?
Just a quick reminder to say that this coming week, will be the last week I will be offering a ‘Free Week’ trial 
I have been using this approach now for about 3 and a half years, and its been great, however, lately, I’ve just not been able to keep on top of the amount of admin work it brings, and then trying to deal with the people who attend the free week, and trying to go over everything with them. I’ve come to the conclusion that there must be a better way, hence 
After next week……
Anyone who is interested in joining the program, will have to fill out an application form, then go through a 15 minute phone consultation 
If I feel that the potential client is a good fit for the program, and will do the work that is required, then I will offer them a place 
Hopefully, this process will be a much for myself and the prospective client, and will save time on both sides. 
if you have recently booked a Free Week trial, then this is the last week to follow through with it
In fact, I am only offering 2 spaces this week for the Free Week trial
Remember, after this week, its application only and 15 minute phone consultation  
“Within the Free Week trial, I felt welcome. I felt really positive and really good”
Check out this video interview I did with one of my clients, Emma. Emma completed the free week trial and then immediately signed up. As a result, lost weight, got fitter and made new friends. 
Is that something you would like to happen from an exercise program? 
If so, try and contact me tonight. 
Again, this coming week is the last week I will be offering the Free Week trial,and I have only got 2 spaces available for it 
*No classes bank holiday Monday 
Paul ūüôā