Friendships are made

It’s amazing how many friendships come about from my sessions.

In fact, I’m actually quite proud of it

Reason this happens, is that I target a particular age group, with things in common, and therefore it’s easy to build rapport with each other

Which contributes towards the overall feeling of attending my sessions and the atmosphere

Clever hey

It’s not like attending any other session, where you might be jumping up and down doing star jumps, with a load of strangers,

All of a mixed age,

All of a different gender,

With nothing in common

So when I see people sharing videos on social media, of classes they know of or have been to, I’m not phased at all.

There’s a reason why I’ve lasted 22¬†years in business as a PT

It’s all about results and building rapport with people

Cool hey

Paul ‘friendship maker’ Coshott

PS – If getting out of the house, meeting people and making new friends isn’t your thing

and your happy to sit in and watch your life tick by, that’s cool

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