Getting a melanoma removed

On Monday afternoon, I was back in hospital getting a scare checked out 
Last year, I’d had a melanoma removed from my leg, which left a 2-3 inch scare at the back of my thigh.
Lately, It’d had been a bit itchy, so thought I’d go and get it checked out 
Thankfully, it was nothing to worry about, so my mind was put back at ease. 
I’ve got a bit of a history with skin cancer, so when I noticed a small mole growing in size, I knew instantly what it could be. 
I did worry at the time, and I was concerned getting the scare checked out, a couple of days ago. 
Last year when I had the op, it really did make me think about a couple of things. There’s still loads of things that I need to do and loads of experiences that I would like to have. 
I try and remind myself about this moment, as it motivates me, amongst other things, and there’s still things I need to do with my business 
I try and make my time count, and I also try and protect my time too
Have you ever been in this position? Maybe something has happened in your life, that has given you a wake up call?
Anything like that, that happens in your life, tends to put you in that position 
Anyway, I’m still fit and healthy, and motivated towards helping others 
If something has happened in your life recently, and you would like some help or direction, then please get in touch 
By the way, if you do notice any changes in your skin, then get it checked out, asap

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Paul 🙂