Getting married 

I definitely wont be getting married in the near future. 
I was dumped again over the weekend ( don’t worry, I’m used to it now, haha ) 
It had only been a few weeks, not enough really to put me on the heartbreak diet ( that definitely works for weight loss, haha ) 
But, a shame really, and just down to circumstances 
Rejection is a part of life, and if you can deal with it, then it will definitely help you become stronger and more immune to circumstances 
Rejection normally drives me at some point, and I try and channel it through my training and business, which then leads me on to better things ( in some capacity ) 
As for getting married, I’m always training at least someone, to help them get ready for their big day ( which seems a bit odd really, thinking about it, haha ) 
In fact, over the years, I’ve probably trained about 100 women, get in shape for their big day 
So, after years of me getting knock backs ( don’t worry, not that many haha ) , and then using the frustration in gyms, picking up weights and hitting pads and bags etc, I’ve been able to put together some pretty brilliant training programs, that were going to help my clients get in to brilliant shape, as well as me.
There had to be some positive there somewhere, haha
Anyway, whether you are getting ready for your big day, or recently you have been rejected in some capacity, and you would like to get your confidence back, I have the ideal program to put you on track
I now only have 1 space left for my Women Only, ‘6 week transformation program’ ( I know this works, as 100s of women have been through it now ) 
Here’s what’s included in the program: 
*Up to 36 Fun, Effective and Fully coached workouts that you will love. Also, access to my ‘Women Only’ Group weight training sessions ( which you will need to help build muscle tone and speed up your metabolism ) 

*FREE – downloadable training video – which contains all the major teaching points for the classes and all the major Boxing combinations that we use. So if you are a complete beginner, its absolutely no problem ( this is valued at £20 )

*My ‘Get Lean’ diet plan where you’ll discover how to drop 8-12lbs in a safe and effective way without starving yourself and the need for crazy, expensive supplements

*Accountability phone calls/ texts, which will take place of a daytime 

*Access to my private ‘strictly boxing’ Facebook page, so you can share your journey with other ladies from the group and hold each accountable ( never feel alone again )

I’m so confident in this program and its results, if within the first 30 days you’re not convinced this is for you, please let me know and I’ll refund your investment

Whenever I put this kind of program together for Personal Training, I usually charge towards £1000. You wont pay anywhere near that though. Just for now, I am going to offer you a place to join my groups for just £150. 

Are you getting married soon? Or is it time to get off the couch,and reclaim your life? 

If so, then please contact me ASAP. The deadline to register for the course is tonight 9pm. It starts next Monday 

Paul ‘heartbroken’ Coshott, haha