Getting my ears shaved 

This morning, I decided to get my hair cut ( as I’m at the races this weekend ) 
The options I like to use are, 1 – barbers on penny lane, or 2 – barbers in Kirkby by my parents 
I chose my usual barber in Kirkby 
Would you like to know why I chose him? 
Pretty simple really. He’s a bit older than me, and therefore knows that I need the tiny hairs on my ears shaving, as well as my head 
This is pretty common with fellas in their 40’s ( just ask some of the members of Duran Duran if you ever get the chance ) 
If I’d have gone to the barbers on penny lane, this probably wouldn’t have happened, as it’s a female cutting my hair
They were only tiny hairs mind, not big black thick ones growing out of my ears, that were clearly visible, haha
It does really make a difference, when you want something, and you go to the person who knows what you want and how you’re going to get it 
Same applies to health, fitness and confidence 
Not that I’m a woman ( underneath my hairy ears ) but I have experience with working with women ( that’s what I specialise in ). 
In relation to health, fitness and confidence, I know how they can achieve it.
I have a good idea on when they’ll achieve it by ( which is why I’m now recognised as the go to guy in helping women achieve this ). 
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