Going to Brazil


About 12 years ago now, I did a charity bike in Brazil, to raise money for cerebral palsy.

I’d been thinking of doing a charity event for a while

A client who I had at the time, had just come back from a holiday in Brazil, and told how good it was

When I seen an ad in a magazine, about a bike challenge in Brazil for Scope

I just had to go.

It was £200 to register my place and I had to raise about £2600

I got clients to sponsor me and make donations

I got signed Everton and Liverpool shirts, and raffled them off

I put collection tins in shops that I went to, and one or two other things

Anyway, a couple of weeks before the trip

I was £750 down.

I needed this to be able to go.

Another client who I had at the time, had a seat on the board of a residential place, who looked after young disabled adults

He told me that they had a resident who had Pradder willi syndrome ( a constant desire to eat food ) , and he needed help

He suggested that I did a presentation in front of the board, and to tell them how I can help this poor guy who had Pradder willi syndrome

“They might make a donation”, he said, “but it won’t be all the money that you need”

So, I spent a bit of time putting a presentation together. I went through everything.

All the things I could do, what I’d done, and the people who I’d helped and trained

They grilled me at the end of it

When it had finished, they had a little meeting to see if they could help me in anyway

I nervously waited around

They then asked me to come back into the room as they had reached a decision

“We’ve decided to donate the rest of the money that you need”

I was like, “ye wha”. I absolutely couldn’t believe it

Even my client was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I was gobsmacked

I had 2 weeks to raise £750, and out the blue, I managed to get it

I always remind myself about this story

Good things can really happen, right out of the blue

The thing is though,

At the start I panicked a bit. I thought, “how the hell am I going to raise that money”

But because I’d paid the deposit and took action, things started happening.

It’s the same with trying to lose weight, or anything else

We can all sit on the fence, and say “Oh I can’t afford it”. “I’ll do it next year”, “That’ll never happen”

But only when we take the first step, that things start happening

I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar

Some people might suggest, ‘it’s the law of attraction’

So remember, nothing happens if you sit on the fence

Only when you take the first few steps, and take a gamble, that things start happening

Are you ready to come off the fence regarding your health and take action?

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Strictly Boxing Classes

Paul 🙂

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