Have you seen the new Star Wars film yet?

Have you seen the new Star Wars Film?

I went last night with my mum

Which is something I’m really grateful for, as she took me to see the films, 40 odd years ago

My mum is approaching 73 now

Whenever I take her out, initially, she will get really stressed

There’s some much to think about

14 years ago, she had breast cancer, and lost all her hair due to the chemo

She wears a wig now ( between you an I )

Then she’s had polymyalgia ( disease to the joints which limits movement )

She’s also suffering with other issues as well, at the moment

So for me, I have to be really patient with her

I have to ensure her in her movements

In how she looks

And also her safety

But above all that, I have to give her confidence

Without blowing my own trumpet

Not all fellas or trainers can do that

I won’t lie to you….

When my business went bad about 12 years ago

I worked as a care worker, part time

You name it, I’ve done it

Worked with adults with learning disabilities

Worked with severely autistic kids, and adults

Worked with challenging behaviour

Changed nappies/ Pads

I’ve done the lot

And what all this did for me

Was give me ultra skills, in helping people

Caring for people, and helping them become better than who they already are

Now, add all this to my experience as a NLP practitioner, life coach and trainer

You have, or I have, the perfect recipe,

In helping people, or women, become more confident again

Which is why I’m able to take my mum out

Help her over come all her fears

And have an enjoyable night out ( she loved the film, and its really good )

Confidence is probably the ultimate tool in helping us achieve what we want to achieve

If you want to have more confidence in 2018, then I’m you’re man

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Paul ‘Confident’ Coshott

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