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I have lost 7lbs and 13 inches

“I was depressed. eating junk food and getting depressed. My health was suffering. I was on blood pressure tablets and needed help, so I got in touch with the Liverpool Personal Trainer. In the 8 weeks I have been attending, I have lost 7lbs and 13 inches from around my body. Email Paul Coshott straight away, It will be the best thing you’ve ever done” [read more]

I lost 1.5 stones and 16 inches


“Before attending the sessions with the Liverpool Personal Trainer, I had been through a very tough period and my physical and mental wellbeing was suffering. In the first 9 weeks of attending the sessions, I lost 1.5 stones and 16 inches from around my body.” [read more]

Liverpool’s best Boxercise


“This is the best Boxercise class I’ve found in Liverpool. It’s a great workout, different every time and includes loads of pad work. I started going just once a week, now I can’t keep away – love it” [read more]

money_backIf you aren’t feeling fitter, slimmer, stronger and more confident, within one month of starting your training, then I will give you your money back.

Paul Coshott – Liverpool Personal Trainer

My ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’ fitness business has been running since April 1996, and got started with the help from the Princes Trust. Since then, I have dedicated almost my whole life to my business

In 2010, after a period of decline in my business, I decided to go back to teaching Boxercise classes, teaching just one class per week, as well as one Kids Ju Jitsu class in South Liverpool. I was still doing some Personal Training too. From here, I built up a new clientele base, which lead me to opening up my first studio in 2019, ‘Strictly Boxing’ Fitness studio

The studio provides Women only Boxing classes, Kids Boxing and Ju Jitsu classes, as well as Personal Training, with the goal being, to promote physical and mental well being

Hope to see you at the studio – Paul