I haven’t got the time

I haven’t got the time

It’s probably one of the number 1 sayings in the world

I even use it myself sometimes

Do you ever find yourself saying this?

While a lot of us genuinely haven’t got any spare time, as we juggle a dozen things all at once

Some people will use it an excuse

I see a lot of people throughout the week/ year, and I hear the saying quite a lot

But I’ve come up with a conclusion about this saying

Some people will use it as a smoke screen for procrastination, or putting off what they really need to do

( this is my belief of it )

There’s people I know, who do amazing things within a day. They get so much done

Having a military style day, I don’t think is a good thing, but if we really broke down our day(s), we would find that we lose time doing a bit of dithering.

Playing on our phones is certainly somewhere were we lose time

But let’s go back to procrastination

This is something else that most of us do. It can be pretty lethal

If you are or have been procrastinating, it can lead to stress, guilt and eventually low self esteem

If this escalates, it can then lead to severe anxiety. This can then create a positive, as the individual will be forced to take action, and a motivating force is generated

Here’s some examples of how procrastination can come about:

Avoidance: we avoid the situation or location, where a task might take place

Distraction: we engage in other behaviours or actions, to prevent awareness of the task

Comparisons: We compare our situation to those even worse

When we procrastinate, we allow ourselves the emotional pleasures of the moment to have more influence on our motivations than the perceived unpleasant emotional payoff of the task at hand

So the next time you say ‘I haven’t got the time’, are you really procrastinating over something?

What do you think?

Paul ‘:)

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