I struggle too

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On Saturday night, I was awarded ‘Student of the Year’, at my Lau Gar Kung Fu, Kickboxing class

It was pretty unexpected really, especially with there being so many other great students

Just over 10 years I’ve been doing this martial art for

I’ve also been doing Ju JItsu for 20 years


The truth be known….

Martial arts isn’t even my first love, when it comes to exercise. Weight Training is

Over the years, there’s been sooooo many times I haven’t wanted to go to the classes

I’ve been battered by other guys, had black eyes and other things

Even been too lazy to go

but I’ve just kept dragging myself to them

Sometimes, I’ve had to physically swear at myself internally, “just go you lazy bastard”

but over the time, I’ve been rewarded….

Confidence, new skills, toned body, stronger mentally, more focused, belts, and even a trophy too on Saturday night etc

So I’ve had a lot of moments, struggling or finding motivation to get to a class

You might be the same

You might get in from work, sit on the couch, and that’s it, you cant be arsed attending ( putting it bluntly )

maybe your worried about what other people will think of you in the class

or maybe you’ll feel embarrassed, if you don’t know the moves

Whatever it may be

My tip for you here is……

Don’t let the seed of negativity grow in your mind

Sometimes, you’ll have to do what I’ve done, and just drag yourself along

Even if it means swearing at yourself

Just go. Be brutal

And over time….

The rewards will come, weight loss, confidence, energy etc

Paul ‘top student’ Coshott

PS – Nothing much to say here, all my sessions are now almost fully booked up for the  month 🙂

PPS – If you do attend one of my programs, there’s no need to worry what other women will think of you. There very supportive groups, and all the women are most likely to be of a similar age to yourself. No gym bunnies 🙂