I want you back

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it’s not often a woman gets I touch with me, and says the words “I want you back”

But it happened about 2 weeks ago

I got a phone call from an ex client I used to train

“Hi Paul, its Joan smith, who you used to train from Crosby. Can you remember”

“Oh hi Joan yes. I remember blah blah blah etc”

She went on to say….

“This has happened, that has happened etc etc. I’ve known for quite a while I needed to ring you”

Thing is, since I last seen her, she’s tried a lot of the £10/ £15 p/m gyms, pay as you go classes, pay as you go trainers, shake diets etc

And none of it worked

Why did she get back In touch with me?

Reputation, results, experience, knowledge, which is non of the above can really offer, plus, she’d already worked with me

The best thing…….

“Joan, I don’t really charge those fees any more now. In fact, it’s a lot more money now”

“Ok, how much?

“You’ll have to hire me for a period, get clear on what you want, and then we’ll put a plan together to execute it. It’ll cost about X”

To my surprise, she said

“Ok that’s fine, I’ll pay it, but can I pay in 2 instalments”

“Yes that’s fine”

And Joan is paying me that money ( which isn’t cheap ), because she knows what she’s getting – results

And that’s what I’m about. No dithering around

Are you serious about getting results?

If so, I’m the man

Paul ‘money back guarantee’ Coshott

PS – If getting fitter, slimmer and feeling more confident isn’t your thing this year, then that’s cool

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