I want you to come 

Don’t go getting yourself too excited 
Not yet, at least 
I’m going to be hosting a VERY special online training event….
Called ‘How to drop dress size and get your Confidence back, before Christmas’
And I’d love for you to ‘come’ along 
To find out more, and reserve one of the limited spaces
( before they’re all snapped up ) 
Click on the link below

And I’ll give you more information 
Paul ‘webinar’ Coshott
PS – If you DON’T know what a webinar is? 
Don’t worry 
It’s nothing scary
Basically, I’ll be doing an online presentation…..
And all you have to do, is show up and ‘watch’
( you kinky bugger ) 
I’ll be the ONLY person on camera 
And I’ll be the ONLY person talking 
You WILL be able to ask me questions during the presentation…..
But that will all be done via the ‘live chat’ feature 
If you want to know more
Click on the link below:

Or, just reply to this email…..
And I’ll do my best to answer any questions that you may have