I was a care worker 

Years ago when my business took a massive nose dive, I ended up taking a part time job as a care worker 

It was not long after I’d bought my house, and I needed the money 

The first shifts I did, I worked in a very volatile secure unit

It was very very scary 

A couple of months earlier, I’d had an article in men’s health magazine, and all of s sudden, I was working in a mental secure unit 

I couldn’t believe it

I remember thinking to myself “what the fuck am I doing here”, to be precise 

It was as if all my dreams had been taken away from me

Because I needed the money, I had to take on more challenging jobs, to make my money up

I worked with kids, with severe autism 

I worked with kids and adults, with severe disabilities 

I worked in mental health

I worked with challenging behaviour 

I showered kids and adults, who were covered head to toe in faeces 

I did personal care

I washed and bathed people 

You name it, I did it, and I don’t know how looking back

I’ve even kept some of the time sheets from certain shifts

Sometimes I look back and think “how the feck did I do that” 

This went on for a number of years 

In the meantime, I still tried to get my personal training business going again 

Other people were smashing it, and I was on the bones of my ass, struggling 

I knew I needed help

I went back to basics, and did what I was great at

Teaching boxercise, weight training and setting goals 

I hired a marketing coach and paid her quite a lot money ( money I didn’t have )

I knew my marketing was well behind the times 

And since then, 

I’ve doubled my income and working a third of the hours I used to work ( I was constantly working. 60 – 90 hrs a week )

How cool is that 

And I only got into this position, because I got help, with the right person 

Same can be said for losing weight, or trying to get our confidence back 

We try and do things on our own 

We think we’re ok and things will sort itself out

We cut out carbs 

We buy exercise dvds and never follow them 

We try and read the book ‘the secret’, and hope that visualising our selves being fitter, slimmer and more confident again, works 

We buy the Joe Wicks ‘lean in 15’ books, thinking that we’ll start cooking healthy meals, but then don’t even pick them up and open them 

Then we try on bigger clothes and think ‘oh, it’s ok, it’s only one size up’ 

Thing is, it’s not ok.

My advice – GET HELP – NOW

Don’t waste time trying to do things on your own ( like I did )

Seek help

Luckily for you, I’m still in business, and I am now regarded as the main man in Liverpool, to help women get their confidence back 

I’ve had my own struggles 

But from the experience, I can help you develop the mindset, to help you get to where you want to be, through my sessions 


If so, hit me up, and we’ll arrange a free 15 minute consultation call 

Paul 🙂